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Tremblay Racing is currently seeking sponsors to join our team for the 2019 season. Sponsorship is a crucial element to the success of a chuckwagon team. Sponsorship is essential in order to care for the 20-25 horses that travel the WCA circuit and maintain them in peak performance form. Funds are put towards feed for the horses, vet costs, stabling, barn hand assistance and travel expenses. Erik recognizes the importance of sponsorship in the sport of chuckwagon racing and goes above and beyond to work with his sponsors in order to ensure their brand is recognized and to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

There are a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities available including: full year sponsor, individual show sponsor, and wagon box sponsor. Erik is always open to exploring new ideas and opportunities to incorporate sponsors into the Tremblay Racing team.


  • Your brand will be advertised to an audience of over 170 000 attending fans

  • Your company will be part of 2 million page views on the Western Chuckwagon Association website

  • Your company will be mentioned nightly during the races

  • Your company will be advertised to thousands of fans on the Tremblay Racing website, facebook page and day sheets

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  • Showcase your band on one of 20 chuckwagons

  • Your company will be featured and highlighted by the track announcer

  • Passes to races and behind the barn access 

  • Build and maintain your brand awareness and enhance community presence

  • A great return on your investment with one of a kind opportunity to entertain clients and friends

  • Opportunity to integrate sponsorship into existing promotional campaigns

  • Opportunity to have personal appearances from a WCA driver for your company's promotional initiatives

  • Become a fundemental part of a chuckwagon team and sustain the sport of chuckwagon racing

  • A chance to see the chuckwagon world behind the scenes

  • Attendees and the WCA members tend to be loyal to the sport and support the various supporters of the sport in their buying habbits

To further discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact Erik Tremblay at 780-933-6692 or We appreciate any opportunity and look forward to discussing how we can work with you

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